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Re-Thinking Social Media

Social media in its current state is one of the most important issues facing society today. You've heard the spiel: it's addictive, it's devisive, and it profits off all sorts of bad incentives. So, if we know the problem, why haven't we solved it? The solution isn't as easy as it may seem. You can build a better platform (and that's what we're here for), but there also needs to be a societal shift around our relationship with social media. Froyo aims to be the next gen social network for this next gen mindset.

Digital Minimalism: What is it?

This mindset we're refering to is called Digital Minimalism. It's a philosphy about technology coined by Georgetown Professor, Cal Newport, and it suggests that technology is best used in moderation and with intention. In practice this can include, limiting screen time, deleting uncessary apps, and overall using technology as a tool to enhance offline activities rather than replace them. Following these guidelines can help you lose less time to the clutter and find more time for the things that truly matter in life.

Why us?

While the principles of digital minimalism can be applied to any social network, the experience can be a bit of an uphill battle. In practice this can mean installing extensions, messing with settings, and even ignoring features central to the platform. Even with these modifications in place, the experience can fall short. Froyo on other hand, is a minimal social network by design. These are just a few of the core features that make our platform the perfect social network for minimalists.

Chronological Newsfeed

The purpose of the feed is simply to see what's going on in your network


See which of your friends want to hang out, so you can spend more quality leisure time offline

No Like Counts

If you're posting something really worthwhile, it wont be for likes

No Ads

The advertising business model incentivizes addiction, so we don't serve ads